Who are you and where are you from?

I am Stambi. The name was given to me at the age of six while visiting Lucca, Italy. A friend of my mom's gave me the nickname, she felt it reflected my personality at the time. Stambi is short for Stambecco in Italian. Stambecco in Italian is an Alpine Ibex. An Alpine Ibex is a wild mountain goat.

I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. I grew up in the province of Tuscany in Italy but landed full time in Carmel, Indiana around the age of ten.

Where did the inspiration for the book come from?

The actual content of the book is inspired by what I’ve seen and experienced during my time on earth. Those experiences helped me formulated the fictional story of Flirting with Catastrophe. Heartbreak is what pushed me to take a chance and start the process of the culture we are building. The first step of that culture was writing the book series to give our entire wave real meaning.

What author inspires you the most?

Jenny Nimmo. Jenny Nimmo is the author of my favorite book series Charlie Bone. The series is the same genre as Harry Potter.  I love the Harry Potter series but I feel as the Charlie Bone series is just as wonderful. I don’t know one other person personally who has read the book series. I always felt that Jenny wrote the series for me. The main character Charlie Bone really inspired me when I was a child.


What does it mean to flirt with catastrophe?

To flirt with catastrophe simply means to be yourself.  We live in a world that tells us to fall in line and follow the steps of those before us, as well as to blend and resemble one another.

Flirting with Catastrophe is a team of people that have come together to share their gifts. Members of the team play their strong hands, develop their weaknesses and most importantly have fun while being positive members in society.

What is the overall goal/ “mission statement” of Flirting with Catastrophe?

The overall goal is to help influence as many people in the world to enjoy every single moment while they’re on earth.  That way the vibe on earth will be more peaceful.

The mission statement is:  We’re the student in school who wants to eat a cupcake every day in class. The rule of the school is no food is allowed in class.  So we believe in order for us to eat a cupcake every day in class, we must bring a cupcake for everyone in the class.